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IHS offers professional and confidential Health Check Services to individuals and companies in Ireland.

Corporate Services:
Early identification of disease can allow early treatment with the possibility of avoiding sickness absence or serious illness. If one takes into account recruitment costs, lost production time, and costs associated with sickness absence and permanent disability, then pre-employment and in-employment screening can be seen to be cost effective exercises in ensuring and promoting a healthy workforce.

Pre-employment screening indicates whether the person is fit to carry out the job they are to be employed for and whether they are likely to be able to give full and regular service in the job function. It also identifies adjustments that may need to be considered under the Disability Discrimination Legislation.

In-employment screening can help identify problems developing among employees which may be caused by or aggravated by work, or may have implications for their continued capability in their job. Having identified any problems it is then possible to consider appropriate remedial action. Specific examples include audiometry, night worker health assessments, moving and handling assessments. 

Due to increased litigation, more and more employers are carrying out pre-employment screening and even exit medicals to help protect themselves against possible future claims.