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Problem-Based Learning

Intelligent Health Systems offers professional consultancy and training services in relation to Problem-Based Learning programmes for academic institutions and companies in Ireland.

A number of our consultants have extensive experience in implementing Problem-Based Learning programmes. In fact, we have 2 consultants currently carrying out their Ph.Ds in PBL. 

Problem-based learning (PBL) is an approach that challenges candidates to learn through engagement in a real problem. It is a format that develops problem solving strategies by placing candidates in the active role of problem-solvers confronted with ill-structured problems.

In the academic environment, PBL has been used very effectively in many faculties. PBL is a development and delivery system for academic curricula that recognizes the need to develop problem solving skills as well as the necessity of helping students to acquire necessary knowledge and skills. Indeed, the first application of PBL was in medical schools.

In the commercial environment, PBL can be used in many areas. Examples range from using PBL as a format for inter-disciplinary collaboration in biomedical device companies, to providing a structure for effective Human Resource strategy. 

Many of our training courses also incorporate the principles and techniques of Problem-Based Learning to improve knowledge retention and skill development.