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Automated External Defibrillator Public Access Defibrillation

Intelligent Health Systems offers professional consultancy and training services in relation to Public Access Defibrillation Schemes for sporting organisations and companies in Ireland.

Public Access Defibrillation involves the use of Automated External Defibrillators by trained members of the public. Statistics show that the availability of defibrillators significantly increase the chances of survival of victims of sudden cardiac arrest, if used within 5 minutes - hence the need for these programmes in the community and places of physical exertion, where arrests are more common.

Intelligent Health Systems is a healthcare technology, consultancy and training company and we can advise customers in relation to deciding on the right AED as well as facilitate purchasing.  

Corporate Premises:
Do you have Public Access Defibrillation in your company? Large companies rank in the top places where sudden cardiac arrest most often occurs. If someone in your workplace collapsed, would you know what to do? Consider the public relations benefit of being able to announce that you have implemented a Public Access Defibrillation Scheme, in line with many large companies in the US, Europe and more recently Ireland.

Golf Clubs, Hotels, Conference Centres: 
Golf courses rank in the top five places where sudden cardiac arrest most often occurs. Hotels and Conference Centres are also high on the list.