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Infection Control TrainingInfection Prevention & Control

Intelligent Health Systems runs Infection Prevention & Control Courses nationally. We offer training for the healthcare sector as well as the corporate and industrial sectors.
The courses are delivered by highly experienced Nurse Tutors and are tailored to the requirements of the participants.

Designed for:

Healthcare professionals and anybody required to adhere to infection control principles Aims and intended learning outcomes::

  • Discuss background to Infection Control including basic microbiology.
  • Participants will identify chain of infection, sources of micro-organisms, routes of transmission and possible susceptible host.
  • Participants will practice appropriate use of personal protective equipment.
  • Participants will understand the safe use and disposal of sharps.
  • Participants will observe and recognize the significance of other key elements of standard infection control precautions including, safe handling and disposal of waste, safe management of laundry, maintenance of a clean environment and decontamination. handwashing technique
  • The Participants will be demonstrated and will themselves perform Handwashing technique and also Alcohol Handrub Technique. (using Fluorescent Hand Machine & UV hand cream to access effectiveness of technique).
  • Other considerations in infection control

Duration: 1 Day