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Bio-Medical Engineers / Digital Signal Processing Engineers -(Date of notice -Nov 2012)

We are currently spinning out a start-up company in the development of a novel bio-medical product. We are looking for candidates with experience in any/all of the following:

  • Analog and digital circuit design,
  • Embedded systems design (MSP430) & Microcontroller programming: - Assembly, C Programming , C++;
  • PC Board design, fabrication and assembly;
  • Wireless Sensor Networks software development (eg. TinyOS and nesC);
  • 802.15.4 & Bluetooth
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Bio-signal Analysis

Experience of working in a start-up enviroment would be an advantage.

Please send in relevant details via email only. Contact Details


Healthcare Trainers -(Date of notice -Nov 2012)

We have an on-going part-time requirement for healthcare related trainers/consultants to add to our existing panel.

We'd like to hear from interested candidates with qualifications in the following: BLS, Occupational First Aid, Patient Handling, Ergonomic Assessments, Infection Control.

As a company with a strong medical bias, we prefer candidates to have a healthcare related background (RGN, Paramedic etc).

Please send in relevant details via email only. Contact Details